Sunday, June 29, 2014

Awake and Glowing

  The other day I just had one of those days that I did not want to look like I had on so much eye makeup, or makeup in general. I was about to go out for the day, but I just wanted to glow.
  I have always loved those pictures of models and actresses that look like they don't have on any makeup and are just glowing, from the sun, or the lights, whichever it may be; and I wanted to try and replicate it.

Before applying makeup I scrubbed my face and splashed it with a toner. I let that dry then did the following.


Step1: I applied CoverGirl Outlast 3in1 foundation with my fingers all over my face and neck. Using your fingers to apply foundation gives it a really good sheer coverage that will last all day.
Step2: Used NYX HD concealer under my eyes, upper parts of my cheeks, and down the center of my nose. I use the concealer doubled as a highlighter to bring out certain features.
Step3: Placed CoverGirl + Olay Concealer Balm around my nose, since I tend to get rid in that area, and on any blemishes I may have. 
Step4: Lightly covered my T-zone with a light translucent powder. I tend to sweat here more and the powder kind of helps.
Step5: I brushed NYC Sun 'n' Bronze with an ELF Blush brush over my cheeks, using it to contour my cheek bones and give my face a sunny, glowy, bronzed appearance. 


Step1: When I used the powder on my face, I also used it on my eyelids as a base. This helps with any type of creasing that may occur during the day.
Step2: Used a very nude, natural, eye shadow to flatten the color of my eyelids and make them brighter. I used Revlon's matte eyeshadow color, Bone. 
Step3: Curled my eyelashes and used a waterproof mascara, since I was going to be outside some of the day, and it's hot, my mascara won't smudge under my eyes. I used Maybelline's Falsies Big Eyes in waterproof black. 
Step4: I also darkened my eyebrows just a little bit, because when I apply foundation and powder I smear it EVERYWHERE, including my eyebrows. This makes them a lot lighter than they should be. So lightly brushing CoverGirls Brow and Eye Makers pencil over it is a nice touch.


Now, a key product that I used was a little bit of Loreal's Magic Lumi Light Infusing primer under my eyes afterwards. This helps bring out of that glow underneath my eyes. Making me look wide awake and glowing! I also used it before I applied foundation, but I wanted to use just a little bit more over the top. I know it says it's a primer, but like I said, to achieve the look I was going for, I had to do something different!

Let me know if you try this look and how it works for you. Obviously you can use most of the products that you have at your home. These are what I have handy and readily available myself. If you don't already though, I highly suggest in investing in the light infusing primer. It's amazing and something you can always keep around to use when you want to stand out and for special occasions. Enjoy! 

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Skin Care for Traveling

  It's Summer time and the time to travel! Whether it be a road trip, or a short plane ride, everyone is going places. I know I have already gone on a couple trips this summer and still have a few coming up. I just got back this week from Alabama and that is not a short car ride for me(about eight and a half hours). I am sure I am not the only one that this happens to, but when I am traveling my skin goes CRAZY. When I'm in a plane, it gets dry, when I'm in a car, it gets oily. I'm going to let you know what I do once I get home to help treat my face and make it feel special again.

Traveling by Car
 While I'm in the car, I don't know what it is, but my skin gets a little oily feeling. I don't normally have oily skin so it's weird to me. What I like to bring along are some oil blotting papers, just a little travel size pack. I'm not an expert on these so I just get the smallest cheapest pack I can find and keep them in my travel bag/purse. Whenever I get to a rest spot, or if I'm the passenger, I'll just use these to blot my face. Usually around my nose and forehead.

 Once I'm home I pamper my face, once everything unpacked of course... I give it a good wash, usually with an exfoliant and warm water, to open up my pores, and rinse it with cool water, which then closes the pores. These is the best way to wash your face because you're getting deep down into crevices you didn't even know you had! Ew! After that, if there is any breakouts, I will use my handy dandy Tea Tree Oil pads and gently rub them with these. Finally, I will use a toner, on my fingertips, and dab it all over my face. Since my face was oily, none of these will make it extra greasy or oily. Instead it does the opposite and my face feels super clean and happy afterward!

Traveling by Plane
  Now with planes, there isn't too much I do on a plane in regards to my dry skin. The obvious solution for dry skin is to moisturize it, but I tend to wear makeup all the time so that wouldn't help me out very much. But once I'm off the plane, and at my destination, I wash my face with a cream cleanser and apply a good amount of moisturizer. Another good fix for taking care of dry skin would be by applying a hydrating mask!

What I recommend