Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm Still Alive

 FINALLY. So I've been having a some computer issues on posting, mainly with pictures, considering my main computer is completely smashed...womp. I have had this one post in mind for the past month, but have been unable to put it up because I obviously have pictures to go with it. I apologize for this one is not going to be as interesting, considering there isn't anything to really look at but words, but I have to let you guys know I'M STILL HERE!

 Since the sun has been a lot stronger lately and the heat has arrived, for the most part, I just want to remind everyone to take care of your skin! Make sure you keep it moisturized, as always, and to wear makeup or moisturizer that has an SPF of at least 30 in it. And as a firm believer in Aveeno, their Daily Moisturizer and Tinted Daily Moisturizer does me real good. I have actually been using the tinted one as a base under my foundation and it seems to last me a lot longer than usual, during the work day.

 My next post plans to be a Review of a fairly new product. Message or email me other things you would like for me to talk about, try out, or review!

 I hope everyone is having a nice day and I'm sorry, again, for taking so long to post. FORGIVE ME.