Monday, September 29, 2014

QUICK TIP --Lip Shadowing

  So I have decided to start a thing called "Quick Tips". This will be like a normal blog but shorter, with less, but hopefully very helpful information. Today's will be lip shadowing.
  Like, I mentioned in my very first post, I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. It's basically a hobby of mine. And lately I have noticed a lot of "beauty gurus" and makeup professionals doing this type of technique in their routine if they're trying to make their lips look pouty or fuller, and that is shadowing right underneath their bottom lip. This essentially gives the lips a plump and rounder look.
  Below is a simple step-by-step of me showing you the technique. I figured this would be easier than typing it all out and you trying to figure out what I'm talking about. The bronzer I'm using is by Pur. Which also includes a highlighter!

  Also, excuse my appearance, I had just been running so I am kind of a mess. Oops!

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