Monday, April 3, 2017

Mask Bingeing

  It's a thing, you guys. Mask bingeing. It is when you use multiple masks in a row to treat whatever it is that needs to be treated on your face. Acne, blemishes, hydrating, purifying, etc. etc. etc.

  I have recently started doing this and I LOVE it! It makes my face feel so smooth and radiant. I also like to use a hydrating mask after I use a Biore strip on my nose and when I'm having to go all out and do a lil waxing... :X It soothes everything and doesn't leave my face feeling or looking irritated. Definitely takes down the redness from waxing.

  I would recommend using a mask that helps with blemishes, or acne, or unclogging pores first and then use one that is more hydrating, purifying, or helps with complexion after.

  Below are a few of my favorite masks, as well as, the Biore strips I am currently LOVING. They get rid of EVERYTHING that is happening with my nose. I know I'm not the only one that just gets that feeling that my nose needs a little extra help, especially unclogging my pores. I also threw in my favorite facial waxing kit. I love this kit because it really is super easy to use!

If you have any extra questions just let me know! :D