Thursday, February 6, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks - Review

  Okay this is something that I have noticed in drugstores recently and I have thought they were so neat looking, and they are Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks!
  I purchased a few links the other day, just 4 neutral colors, but you can build your own palettes.  You don't have to buy different "pods" and a palette tray; and you can have as many colors as you want in one palette!  They come in many different colors, including, mattes, pearls and metallic colors.  I purchased two matte colors, Bone and Blush, one pearl color, Sand and one metallic, Oyster.  Now granted I did only get neutral colors, nothing with a great amount of pigment but I still love the base that the mattes gives and the shimmer, that the metallic and pearl gives off. I would love to try the darker colors, like Taupe, Purple and Eggplant, to see what their pigmentation looks like.  I have worn mine for the past few days and noticed that the coloring does stay on and last most of the day.  I have not noticed any creasing, and the colors blend very well. 
  I also think these are great for when you're traveling and don't want to take a long many different eye shadow palettes, just to use one or two colors from them.  With this you can mix and match the colors with what you need or make your own color palettes.  I honestly find this so much easier to keep in my every day makeup bag, and if I have any extra colors I don't use every day, I'll just put them along with the rest of my makeup, to use another time I need it.
  Below is a picture of the display from the store.  I've noticed that you can purchase them at most drugstores, this was at Walgreens.  I have yet to find them in a Walmart or Target.

  If you've tried these yet, let me know what you think of them!