Wednesday, January 1, 2014


  As a pretty recent college graduate, I work a full time job and pay the majority of my bills myself, excluding my phone bill and my car, which was a graduation present.  That said, I am still looking for my dream job and the money that I currently make mostly goes towards my bills, after that I still have food and gas to pay for and then get a little bit of extra money for myself.  Now lets get this straight, I am a girl, so I love to spend a lot of my money on clothes and beauty products, it's an obsession; but because I don't have all that money to drop on $80 foundation, a $30 eye liner or a $40 astringent. I hop on down to Ulta, Target, or even CVS to get the best drug store brand that works best for me.  That's what I want this blog to be about. 
  Makeup and skincare items that are affordable, yet what I feel has the best quality for coverage, durability on long days, and just what overall works the best.  Now, even though I am going to post a good amount of facts about products, and techniques, this blog is mostly about my opinion and what works best for me. They can work for other people, but even the information that I give can be very helpful for anyone!

  I have always had a passion for makeup and beauty products but I especially became interested into trying different things, a few years ago.  I started watching YouTube videos on makeup tutorials.  Funny thing is, the first one I really watched was Pixiwoo, a duo team of sisters, and makeup artists from London, that did a makeup tutorial on drag makeup.  I loved all the detail and the transformation of the makeup and how creative it was.  So I spent hours watching these girls, with amazing accents, show different videos on how to do things from everyday makeup, celebrity makeup, and special effects makeup.  After awhile, I searched and found a bunch of different beauty vlogs, video blogs, that really interested me.  I love seeing how different people, around the world, and with different skin types use their makeup.  ZoellaIngrid, and Kandee Johnson, just to name a few, are the vlogs on YouTube that I still watch today.  I experiment with my makeup everyday and always use and try different techniques that I watch or read about.

  I am excited to start this new journey with my writing and I appreciate everyone interested in following me!  Leave a comment, message, or email me in things that you would like to read and learn about.  I have a good amount of things in mind and can't wait to share them with you.  I plan to post every week or every other week. 

  Thank you!